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August 18, 2010


David Kay

You know, I wish you were more consistent. Here you are always complaining about writing that doesn't communicate clearly, but this fellow's message couldn't be more clear: "I'm a creepy jerk; fire and/or sue me at once."

I hope no one accuses me of political correctness, but I'm so surprised that so many people seem to have missed the memo that we're no longer living in 1956.

[Obligatory disclaimer that this is not legal advice] Not only can "Chris" do something about it, in many workplaces she would be obligated by policy to do something about it. Please encourage her to contact HR or a senior partner. The days of the "boom boom room" are over.


Marilynne Rudick

You are right. This e-mail conveys a powerful message!

Not only has the offensive accountant missed the memo about it not being 1956, he also missed the memos and our posts about writing professional e-mail. Just when we think our job is done, along comes someone like this accountant to prove that we will always have work!

I don't know the politics of the office where Chris works. But as you know, often it's the whistleblower who is fired. So Chris took the time-honored route of leaking the e-mail to the press.

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