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March 02, 2010


David Kay

Thanks for the good words -- I can't WAIT to read the book. But I do feel Margaret one-upped me. In the clear light of day, I'll try to distill it to Haiku.

I'm looking forward to reading all of the rewrites.

Margaret Elwood

Thanks, David and Leslie. For the record, I'm not particularly PROUD of my doggerel; I just said that I had to get it out of my system. Your Haiku will be more succinct and honorable, I'm sure.

I suffer from Limerick's disease.
I'm helpless; I'm down on my knees.
These words in my brain
Will drive me insane --
Just shoot me, won't somebody please?

Leslie O'Flahavan

Sorry, Margaret. We're enjoying you too much to shoot you.


Margaret's entry is cute and all, but doesn't rewarding it send a message counter to the goals of your work? You're not really suggesting that as an acceptable office e-mail, right? I probably sound like a grouch, but I've worked in many offices where people choose the silly over the clear, which leads many office mates to hit the delete button rather than open up another e-mail that can't just say what it means. I'm surprised you would choose this entry.

Margaret Elwood

For the record, I submitted this rhyme just for fun and certainly would never send a silly rhyme in a business setting. I was surprised and delighted at the response I got, but agree that David and the others did the hard and honorable work required to rewrite the email.

Account Deleted

Congratulations to the winners.
I will keep visiting this blog very often.


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