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March 23, 2010


Val S.

I agree it is odd to shy away from an opening to a sale. They could have sent you links to similar color sets and left the rest to you. In this litigation-happy world maybe they have been burned in the past for suggestions that went wrong - or maybe they've had complementary plates lobbed at their heads!

David Kay

My complements on a well-written blog post! (snort).

Anyhow, as a knowledge management geek, the thing that stands out to me is the distinction they're drawing between the written and spoken word. Replay their response:

1. Taste is subjective, so we won't respond in writing.
2. But call us. We'll give you advice as long as it's off the record.

We see this all the time in knowledge management. They'll let someone give wrong answers to customers all day on the phone, but ask that same person to document the response in a KB article, where others can see and correct it? Absolutely not--it might be *wrong!*.

On the other hand...brown and blue? I might go undercover with that, too. Unless you're serving a bruise for dinner.


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