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March 05, 2010


David Kay

"Seasoned" with bourbon?

Val S.

This kind of bad writing immediately makes me think of spam-and-scam emails. Many writers and editors would find it hard not to respond and point out all the corrections - and maybe an opening like that is all the sender (hacker?) really wants.

Leslie O'Flahavan

This is a great comment, Val. I too wondered if this was a genuine e-mail from an inept writer or something more invasive. I had to grin at your suggestion that most writers and editors would be so annoyed at the errors in this e-mail that they would be compelled to either correct the mistakes or humble the writer.

Margaret Elwood

Yikes! The combination of intrusiveness, shamelessness, and bad writing made me pull out my dictionary to see whether I could use the word "effrontery" in this comment. Yes!

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