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January 20, 2010


Colleen Blessing

Another good proofing method is to read the content aloud. When you read aloud, you are forced to say every word. This is a great way to catch missing words.

Val S.

It seems like I'm always having to speed-proofread to meet deadlines. I try to focus on certain common, obvious errors; e.g., Corp for Corps, missing the "l" in public (oh, yes). I can live with a few dodgy commas. I'm going to try your tip of changing the font - that sounds like something that might help, especially when time is tight.


This may sound like the most obvious proofing tip imaginable but try covering the rest of the text with a sheet of blank paper. I find that if I can only see one line of text at any one time then the errors become easier to spot.
You could always try for proofreading services :-)

Thomas Shaw

"Give a copy of the document to another person and keep a copy yourself. Take turns reading it out loud to each other. While one of you reads, the other one follows along to catch any errors and awkward-sounding phrases. This method also works well when proofing numbers and codes."

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