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January 05, 2010


David Kay

Go ahead and be petty -- share the name of the author (who didn't even get a byline...such a pity) and we can look him or her up. Living well is the best revenge, but it sure goes down well with a jigger of schadenfreude.

While we're at it, remember Wilson McHenry tanked during the bust; the only plausible Joanne Serling on LinkedIn is doing "freelance PR and writing at consultant." (Perhaps she'd enjoy a writing class? You could give her 10% off.)

Malcolm's LinkedIn profile says "unemployed" in much more impressive terms: beware any self-description that starts "serial entrepreneur."

Congratulations on 13 successful years, and here's to many more. Your post is a great reminder of the wisdom of "illegitimi non carborundum."

Leslie O'Flahavan

David, I wish I could share the name of the author, but I can't remember it now (can't even remember what I had for lunch yesterday...) and my ancient file folder didn't contain her name. I loved your comment, though I admit to having to Google "illegitimi non carborundum." In spirit of getting the most out of Latin phrases, I'll offer a "Sic semper tyrannis" to the long-ago author.

Val S.

As David said, living well is the best revenge. And my screen saver now reads "illegitimi non carborundum"!

Excellent post, and excellent comment!

Leslie O'Flahavan

Val, you're right. Talk about the best revenge. I just took a look at JournalismJob.com's Layoff Tracker at http://bit.ly/4UbpcX and can confirm that, in August 2001, "...Working Woman magazine, publishing halted,unspecified number laid off."


Great post! Glad that journalist didn't slow you down. I've been watching you from afar and admiring your work over the years. Keep it up.

Leslie O'Flahavan

Thanks for the encouragement, Jody. I'm going to watch you from afar now, too!


Excellent, encouraging post! I look forward to your newsletters. This really is proof living well is the best revenge! If I listened to my first critic, I would not be a writer today. Thank you for the inspiration to keep on keepin' on.


What a great time capsule (or portal?)
I wonder about what writers and "journalists" with "expertise" are saying or writing or "commnetating" today that will be bull pucky in 12 years?
Keep up the good work! You've always been a source I can recommend.

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